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Page 20!!!

Here we are for page 20! This page came together fairly quick. Sometimes I get an idea for precisely what I want to do and out it comes. This was one such page. I think it is fairly clean, and it is easy to follow the action. Only four more pages and issue 3 is […]

Page 20!

Happy Halloween! Confession Time Part 2: I ABSOLUTELY HATED drawing this page. The story was simple enough. Needles had just been clocked and the story called for Nightstik to throw the rest of his broken club at Needles and then scoop up Arnold for a hasty retreat. I must have drawn this page 3 or […]

Page 19! Warts and all!

Page 19 is loosely based on a sketch by Stephen Prescott that I scanned in and drew over. Nightstik looks a little TOO GOOD in the top panel, but I have a deadline to meet! Enjoy! Be back here next week for page 20! Only FIVE more pages and issue 2 is officially in the […]