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Page 17! On time for a change!

There isn’t really too much different about this page compared to its first iteration way back on Tumblr and later here at castle-comics.com. I changed the direction of it a bit, and fixed some anatomy and perspective. The dialogue is also updated. When I first started putting words to the pictures I had drawn so […]

Page 17!

Here we have a bit of “cheesecake” if you will. My guess is that the sexy, female, cat themed super villain originated with Catwoman, so I figured my hero needed one. I’m pretty happy with how this page turned out. Enjoy!

Page 16…Late…

Sorry for the lack of notice on this late page. I’ve been busy with my other life as a director. Happy mother’s day to all! This is some pretty typical hero going into the bad guy’s layer and walking right into an ambush of course. How many times have we seen the well meaning hero, […]

Page 13!!!

Page 13 is upon us! And what do you know? It’s actually ON TIME this week. In case I missed it, this page means we are officially past the half-way point for issue 3. I am still somewhat amazed that I have gotten this far. This page features some fun with the credits. In the […]

Page 12!

Lately, I’ve been falling into a pattern of finishing my page Sunday morning. My dog has the horrible habit of waking up at 4:00 AM and only harassing me. So it seems early Sunday morning is my time to finish. So it goes. This page turned out a little more “cartoony” than I was going […]