Page 24!!!

Wow! What can I say after nearly three years on this project? I want to say I got the script in late 2012 from Josh. Three years for issue two is warp speed when I think of the 25 plus year odyssey that issue one was. Being this is the end of issue 2, I would like to give my profound thanks to my creative team, Josh Nelson, Stephen Prescott, and Heather Harvey. Without Heather, this thing would still be on Tumblr or be my weak ass attempt at a website.

I would also like to thank the many students of mine who stood in for character references.

This last page was also very much a team effort with Courtney Poehler providing the layout and Stephen Prescott coming to the rescue in the eleventh hour with some very needed edits and bits of advice. Since I pretty much through his re-do of the left side of the page and seated figure right into the drawing, this guy gets a full assist credit. The blobs of ink over the top are mine and any mistakes since then are mine alone. I also made use of the internet and through some ink over the top of some character references on the screens. Future bad guys?


There will be a two week hiatus as I shift gears for issue #3. Please be here in two for another thrilling adventure starring everyone’s favorite ripped off version of way better heroes, Nightstik!

Toby Dycus

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