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Page 18-19: The Two-Page Spread!

It will be interesting to see what this looks like on the site. This was an incredibly tough set of pages to do, even with the pre-loaded figures that come with Manga Studio. You still have to manipulate them, and you still have to ink the damn things. The figures make getting the poses and […]

Coming soon!

I will be taking the next two weeks to prepare for issue 3. This piece is what we call a “teaser.” It was actually quite a bit more work than I anticipated… Be here on 12/19 for “High School Jungle Cats” by Josh Nelson with art by myself and others to be announced as we […]

Page 20!

Happy Halloween! Confession Time Part 2: I ABSOLUTELY HATED drawing this page. The story was simple enough. Needles had just been clocked and the story called for Nightstik to throw the rest of his broken club at Needles and then scoop up Arnold for a hasty retreat. I must have drawn this page 3 or […]