Nightstik #3 Page 1!!!


Here we are for page 1 of issue 3! Who would have thought we’d already be on issue 3?! Not I…

This page took a lot longer than I anticipated. To be honest, I am unsure if I can continue to crank out a page a week with my very busy schedule. I know. I know. I’ve said as much in previous posts. The difference is that I am now in completely new territory. The art from previous posts took years to create. The new stuff is just that. NEW! In other words, I don’t have a library of previously drawn material that I can just tweak, re-letter, and post. I am now working from scratch every week with nothing more than a script and an inkling of what should tell the story.

When I think about the truly talented artists and writers that make their livings this way, I am truly humbled. Make no mistake. I love drawing comics, but it isn’t my job. If I get into a rut or can’t get a page out on time I just post an apology and try and get it out next week. If a comic book artist, a real one, fails to meet a deadline, he or she doesn’t get paid!


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