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Page 31

This is a particularly personal page for me. It was the first one that I did digitally when I bought Clip Studio (then Manga Studio). This is the “why.” Nightstik is a send up of a certain type of hero, but he lacked a motivation. He is an orphan like so many other heroes, but […]

Page 21!

This page is a return to traditional media. I started it as a sketch, transferred it to clip studio, and printed it out as a blue line. Afterwards, I inked it using Copic markers. The letters are of course done with Clip Studio. When I first conceived this page I lacked the skill to tilt […]

Page 17! On time for a change!

There isn’t really too much different about this page compared to its first iteration way back on Tumblr and later here at castle-comics.com. I changed the direction of it a bit, and fixed some anatomy and perspective. The dialogue is also updated. When I first started putting words to the pictures I had drawn so […]

Page 16!

This page was one of the weakest pages in my initial first run. It proved to be quite difficult to re-imagine and put together. A glaring weakness in my early and present work is my disdain for drawing backgrounds and environments, something I have really been pushing to improve. Another interesting bit, was that Tim […]