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Page 16!

This page was one of the weakest pages in my initial first run. It proved to be quite difficult to re-imagine and put together. A glaring weakness in my early and present work is my disdain for drawing backgrounds and environments, something I have really been pushing to improve. Another interesting bit, was that Tim […]

Page 11!

Here is page 11. This was originally page 8 (I think) in the original first issue. I trimmed some of the dialogue back. Like a lot of new writers, I had way to much dialogue on the page. Working with a writer on 2 and 3 taught me that pictures are more effective at telling […]

Page 13. So late you probably have no idea what is going on!

Welcome all 12 people still reading not directly related to me! I had never drawn a bar brawl. My partner in crime introduced the talking monkey into the situation and suggested the poop throw. Not only that, he contributed art for 3 of the five panels, so that garners him an art and story credit. […]