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Page 9! Late!

This is another page that was not in the original number one. One of the things I wasn’t too keen on in the first first issue was what I call character stuff. Character stuff is where we see the hero doing every day ordinary things. Here, we see Nightstik building a model. Another bit of […]

Page 24! The End!

We have reached the end of issue 3. Thanks as always to Josh Nelson for writing an awesome script and to Stephen Prescott for lending a hand on the art chores and offering much needed advice. I’d also like to thank Heather Harvey for her dedication to this project. Nightstik will be going on a […]

Page 13!!!

Page 13 is upon us! And what do you know? It’s actually ON TIME this week. In case I missed it, this page means we are officially past the half-way point for issue 3. I am still somewhat amazed that I have gotten this far. This page features some fun with the credits. In the […]