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Page 14-15!

The obligatory two-page spread! Can even Nightstik take down this behemoth? Tune in next week and find out! In a slightly unrelated rant, I went and saw Rogue One this weekend. No spoilers here, just an observation. Everyone in the Star Wars Universe is a shitty parent and/or really bad at relationships. Allow me to […]

Page 13. So late you probably have no idea what is going on!

Welcome all 12 people still reading not directly related to me! I had never drawn a bar brawl. My partner in crime introduced the talking monkey into the situation and suggested the poop throw. Not only that, he contributed art for 3 of the five panels, so that garners him an art and story credit. […]

Page 3! Late!

This page is a return to “traditional media.” I penciled this one out old school and inked it with a brush and a bit of pen work. The ground and lettering I did with Manga Studio. I wasn’t nostalgic enough to try and hand letter it. Update: My drawing partner suggested putting the ground into […]