Nightstik #3 Pg. 2

Happy 2016! We are approaching the one year anniversary of Here we have the first page of 2016! Lot’s of work went into this one. You would think that someone that works in a school would have a fairly easy time drawing one. You would be wrong! A lot of research went into this bad boy. Tip of the cap to my writer as well as Stephen for coming in with some edits that made this look even more legit. The danger with this one was potentially overworking it. The school could probably use a bit more, but I think I am going to leave well enough alone. Enjoy!

PS. The line “Man…fuck school.” Is not the opinion of the creative team! Rather it is there to reflect the very real attitudes held by many who attend a public high school and is not intended to express any particular viewpoint on school in general.

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