Page 20!

Happy Halloween!

Confession Time Part 2:

I ABSOLUTELY HATED drawing this page. The story was simple enough. Needles had just been clocked and the story called for Nightstik to throw the rest of his broken club at Needles and then scoop up Arnold for a hasty retreat. I must have drawn this page 3 or 4 times before I finally came up with what you see here. I re-wrote it a bit to get a sense of Nightstik’s strength. I felt it was important to for the reader to see just how strong Nightstik is. Even pumped full of dope, he can still pick up an adult size human and throw him several feet–with one arm.

Stephen did a great job inking over my pencils and made this a pretty easy page to finish.

Refer to the first page of this comic for a complete description of Nightstik’s powers.

Also, thank you for the nice comments Karim and Coach! Please feel free to let me know what you think of my “little internet project.”

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