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Pg 21!!!

We are getting close! Nightstik #2 is drawing to a close. Originally the borders on these panels were straight and well defined. As usual, Stephen gave me a great idea to blur the lines around Needles. What I loved about this effect is that the reader gets a sense that poor Needles really had his […]

Page 17!

Page 17 features both traditional and digital techniques. Here I am inking Stephen Prescott’s pencils with both brush and pen and a few screen tones. It is hard to believe that when I started publishing back on Tumblr that I am already on page 17 of Nightstik #2. I have been impressed with my ability […]

Page 13

I’ve had some technology issues lately. I’ve been hit with the dreaded HTTP Error. I guess this means somewhere in the process, the internet doesn’t like some of my files. Given what I’ve done to some of them over the years, I’m not surprised that a few of them are a little funky. So here […]