Page 9!!! Super Late!

This page was a BEAR! The idea was simple. A big dynamic splash page depicting what is seen on first person shooters all the time. Like I said. Simple, right? NOPE! The angle just wasn’t looking right. I twisted it. I turned it. I flipped it. At one point, I was drawing it upside down. It just wasn’t looking right. Finally, I hoisted the white flag of defeat and was set to fill the page with black and write the word “Blam!” in big white letters. My sometime collaborator and full time cheerleader, Stephen stepped in and basically said, “No man! Put down that lasso fill tool and think!” Actually, his advice was quite a bit more practical and had just the right amount of firm, yet gentle words of encouragement. The solution was to divide the page into planes, foreground, mid-ground, and background and overlap the images. So here we overlap the figure with the sound effect and the gun with the sound effect to create more depth. Is this page perfect? Absolutely not. But it turned out pretty damn good and I can at least live with it.

A big thanks to Stephen and Duc for their suggestions and sharing of many gun shot videos on You Tube.


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