Page 3! Late!

This page is a return to “traditional media.” I penciled this one out old school and inked it with a brush and a bit of pen work. The ground and lettering I did with Manga Studio. I wasn’t nostalgic enough to try and hand letter it.

Update: My drawing partner suggested putting the ground into perspective. So here it is.

People might be wondering why I didn’t do this to begin with. Answer: I didn’t know I could. It turns out there is a setting with the fill feature called “gradient” as opposed to “fill.”

As usual, I just started pushing buttons and got this result.

Also, while I am writing this one myself, I am still grateful to my past collaborator, Josh Nelson. After drawing two of his scripts, I feel I am a much better storyteller than I was.

PS. Duc Tram, a member of draw club, made a few script suggestions and those suggestions are here now…

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