Pg 21!!!

We are getting close! Nightstik #2 is drawing to a close. Originally the borders on these panels were straight and well defined. As usual, Stephen gave me a great idea to blur the lines around Needles. What I loved about this effect is that the reader gets a sense that poor Needles really had his […]

Page 20!

Happy Halloween! Confession Time Part 2: I ABSOLUTELY HATED drawing this page. The story was simple enough. Needles had just been clocked and the story called for Nightstik to throw the rest of his broken club at Needles and then scoop up Arnold for a hasty retreat. I must have drawn this page 3 or […]

Page 19! Warts and all!

Page 19 is loosely based on a sketch by Stephen Prescott that I scanned in and drew over. Nightstik looks a little TOO GOOD in the top panel, but I have a deadline to meet! Enjoy! Be back here next week for page 20! Only FIVE more pages and issue 2 is officially in the […]

Page 18!

Someone recently asked me why I draw comics. This is part of a larger question as to why artists create art at all. Stephen King once famously said that he, “has no choice.” I guess I would agree with that sentiment. I draw comics because when I am working on my art I am free […]

Page 17!

Page 17 features both traditional and digital techniques. Here I am inking Stephen Prescott’s pencils with both brush and pen and a few screen tones. It is hard to believe that when I started publishing back on Tumblr that I am already on page 17 of Nightstik #2. I have been impressed with my ability […]

Page 16!

This page is a hybrid of traditional and digital techniques. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the gorgeous inking of the figures is the work of Stephen Prescott with a few tones added by me. One would think that the splash page (a single large illustration) would have been a simple […]