Page 8!

I am pretty happy with this page even if it’s a scene out of pretty much any comic book. For some reason, our heroes seem to hang out on rooftops quite a bit. The other ubiquitous setting for heroes is the alley. I am sure there is a symbolic meaning for this, but I suspect the easy answer is that these settings are relatively easy to draw. When you have a deadline, what would you rather draw? A richly textured alien landscape with flora and fauna unlike anyone has ever seen? Or would you rather draw what is essentially a collection of cubes arranged at varying heights and angles? This is the same reason why heroes prefer “spandex.” All comic book heroes are drawn essentially naked with lines strategically placed to indicate gloves, boots, etc. Once again, would you rather draw flowing robes and ornate costumes or a naked lady? Clothes are kind of a bitch to draw. I’ll just say it. Anyway, enjoy!

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