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Page 20!!!

Here we are for page 20! This page came together fairly quick. Sometimes I get an idea for precisely what I want to do and out it comes. This was one such page. I think it is fairly clean, and it is easy to follow the action. Only four more pages and issue 3 is […]

Page 18-19: The Two-Page Spread!

It will be interesting to see what this looks like on the site. This was an incredibly tough set of pages to do, even with the pre-loaded figures that come with Manga Studio. You still have to manipulate them, and you still have to ink the damn things. The figures make getting the poses and […]

Page 15, late of course

So here is page 15 with the usual excuses for the 12 people still reading this comic. What I like about it is how unheroic Nightstik looks as he struggles to find the right file. I also dropped an Easter Egg into the file information. You have to squint, but it’s there. There are also […]