Page 23: Somewhat on time…

Page 23 is a return to more traditional techniques. The process involved scanning in drawings of Mr. Fix into Manga Studio. Next, I roughed in Jaguar and changed the layer color to blue. From there, I tightened up the pencils and backgrounds and printed it out on 11×17 Bristol Boards in non-photo blue.

I finished the pencils in India Ink with brushes, crow quill pen, and some Copic pens for the finer lines. I wasn’t patient or brave enough to finish the backgrounds by hand, so I did that on Manga Studio with the lettering done on computer as well. I’m proud of this page. I felt my figures were getting a bit too stiff from an over reliance on the templates in Manga Studio and my inks were also getting a bit too rigid and machined looking. This mix of techniques brings back the look that I established in issue 1 and 2 before I went mostly digital.

This process is a lot more labor intensive than straight digital, but I am happier with the finished result. And since I’m the only one I have to make happy, I may as well do it the way I want.


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