Pg. 23: At long last!

Whew! Issue one has been one hell of a ride! It took over 28 years to realize this dream. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has been supporting me by letting a 40 year old noodle on a comic book that is probably going no where. A big thanks to the gang at Fantasium Comics and Games in Federal Way, Washington. Their advice and encouragement has made this project leap out of my sketch page and on to the web.

I am also grateful to my readers out there as well as my family and students at Decatur High School. Kids are fiercely creative. They don’t know that they have no chance of making their dreams come true. Unfortunately, fear of failure is something taught with reading, writing, and arithmetic.

But above all, this page is dedicated to my wife Kristin for all her love and support.

Be here next week for Issue #2 written by Josh Nelson with art by myself and the talented Stephen Prescott.

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