Page 8! What else?!

What else indeed! As busy as my life has been lately, all two people that come to this website might find a page or an excuse note.

So here we are on page 8. Some of you might notice slight differences in the credits. I am a strong believer in giving credit where credit is due. I believe I explained the difference between penciler and inker in other posts. Here I shall define the following three terms:


Break downs are loose renderings of the images with very little if any shading. These are ideas really of how things “break down” on the page. From here, another artist might pencil the page and hand it off to the inker or he might “finish” it for publication.

Assists sound exactly like what this entails. From time to time, an artist such as myself might need a hand here or there on any of the art chores. Stephen is my main collaborator, but like me, leads a very busy and full life. Still, he has been known to throw in a few things here and there that add to the image, but not a radical re-design. So he gets an “assist” credit. This could be on either pencils or inks.

Edits is another term that pretty much describes what happens here. Stephen is also my main editor in that I will post a page in the very early stages to Instagram and Facebook and he will often capture the page and circle areas or re-draw things in another color showing where I can improve or even where I have committed silly errors. I struggle mightily with hands and tangents.

Some pages make it to publication without Stephen’s input which is why some pages do not credit an editor. The best pages have usually been seen by at least two sets of eyes.

All spelling and grammar errors are mine. I usually catch most, but not all of them before I post.


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