Page 5! Late!

Thank you to my dozens of fans for waiting to get this page up. I am pretty proud of it for a couple of reasons. First, Ms. Morgan, the woman in the lower right panel ACTUALLY looks like a woman. Her calf muscles are a bit heavy for a woman, but as you can see from the dialogue, Ms. Morgan has a “night job.” Second, this is a fairly detailed interior that I rendered. If you look back to Nightstik #1, many of the backgrounds were…well…shit. You could more or less tell where everyone was, but the world that Nightstik lived in wasn’t very developed or realistic. I realistically rendered world is essential for superhero storytelling. Otherwise, your superheroes don’t look very super. I really have to tip my cap to my writer for challenging me to draw things that I’m not overly comfortable drawing.

What am I not comfortable drawing? Cars, trees, animals, women, children, household objects, interiors of rooms, beds, dishes, cups, etc.


PS While I was patting myself on the back, the writer noticed that I misspelled gem. The correct spelling is here for your enjoyment. The error is mine and not my talented author’s. What’s my day job again?!

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