Pg. 21!

So this page returns to “traditional media.” This story very much evolved in bits and pieces over a 30 year time span. I want to say that I penciled this page around 2012 and inked it by hand in 2013. I was still very much into that cross hatching, James O’Barr look. I still dig this style, but I have since learned that a cleaner look reads better in digital media.

If a guy REALLY did get super powers, why wouldn’t someone dress up like a well known hero such as Spider-Man and go around and fight crime? Instant name recognition, right? Nightstik’s powers are a little “vanilla.” But they are also the powers of 3/4 or so of the existing superheroes in print right now. Super strength? Spider-Man, Superman, Captain America (too a point), etc. Resistance to injury? Superman, Colossus, Hulk, etc. You get the picture.

Here I tip my cap to my all time favorite hero, Spider-Man. Hopefully, they quit dicking around over there at Marvel and start telling good Spider-Man stories again. One of the things that I loved about Spider-Man before he became an Avenger and all that shit, was that even though he had powers, he was always out of his depth, yet he managed.

Then the stories got all mystical and shit. Ugh. I actually enjoyed the Superior Spider-Man story line where Doc Ock tried to be a better Spider-Man. He just kept screwing it up, kind of like those original stories I fell in love with…

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