Cover Issue #2!!!

Here we are for issue #2! Issue 2 features a story by Josh Nelson, of Comixbrew, a rollicking podcast that talks about all things comics and beer, a wonderful combination if ever there was one. If you drink enough beer, some of Marvel’s editorial decisions in the nineties make a hell of a lot more sense. Joining me on the art chores is the talented Stephen Prescott.

Why did I have someone else write this issue?

Why not? Seriously, Josh saw a page in my sketch pad with all of my villains. He wanted to know if I had a back story for Needles, named for the character played by Flea in the Back to the Future┬ámovies. I really didn’t. Not one that was good anyway. He offered to take a crack at it. And here we are. I liked it so much I decided to make it issue 2. Really, I was scratching my head about where to take Nightstik next. I never thought I’d finish issue 1 let alone have to worry about issue 2?!

I also wanted to learn about how to write a comic. I mean REALLY write a comic. Josh’s script came to me fully developed and fleshed out. Needless to say, I am very grateful for what I have learned by working with such a talented writer.

Why do I have someone helping me with the art?

Why not? Many hands make light work. Also, I wanted to learn how to be a better artist. Not only has Stephen added his considerable talent, he has also pushed me ever so gently to be better, to not settle. I have learned so much from working with both of these gentlemen.

I am sure you will enjoy their work as much as I have.

NOTE: Be sure to hit the previous button to read this issue in the correct order! This was a technical difficulty on my end! The cover is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.


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