Nightstik will return!!!

Hello to the two people still reading this thing! I have been incredibly busy! I’ve decided to go back and re-do issue #1.

Why re-do issue 1?

Issue 1 was done very much by the seat of my pants over a 25-30 year run. The narrative is somewhat jumbled and there are inconsistencies with issues 2-4 that need some clarification. Additionally, my skills have improved quite a bit since that first issue. Many of the pages are almost unreadable because of how I arranged the dialogue or how I structured panels.

So my mission is to present a brand new issue 1 by July 10 and follow that up with issue 5. Issue 5 is either going to be a direct sequel to Proving Ground or a one off story done by myself and Stephen Prescott. Hell, I might to both.

Stay patient! In the meantime, follow me on Facebook at and @castlecomics11 on Twitter and Instagram for updates on how the new issue 1 is shaping up and for comparisons to the first issue 1.

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