Nightstik #1: Re-mastered!


Welcome to Nightstik or welcome back as the case may be. I finally got enough material to be able to get a page a week out without it falling too far behind so here comes a brand NEW issue #1.

Why the re-boot?

Well, as I alluded to in my last post, my abilities have grown quite a lot since I started and Nightstik #1 just didn’t age well when compared to the other stuff. Also, the contributions of Josh Nelson to the ‘Stikverse as I like to call it, made it necessary to connect issue 1 to the other stories in a more cohesive way. There were also a lot of inconsistencies throughout.
For example, just how old is Nightstik? How much time has elapsed in issue 1? How much time is there between 1 and 2? These are things that need to be tightened up.

So enjoy this new look at an old friend!

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