Pg 12

Ah! Another “Frankenpage.” This page had quite a bit of digital “surgery” in the lower left corner. The other “boo boo” I made was the German spelling of nein. I originally spelled it “nine.” And up that went in the dreaded comic sans onto Tumblr. It stayed misspelled for about a year before a friend pointed it out…

Here our hero comments on the cliche nature of his origin. Like I said in an earlier post, stuff just happens in this comic. A former Nazi scientist jacks our boy here with chemicals and “poof!” Instant hero adventures!

Let’s face it. Exposition sucks.

This is why Harry Potter starts with a baby on a doorstep, and not when Hogwarts was first built. Even Genesis gets right to it. Two sentences in it’s “Let there be light.”

So, Let there be light. True blue hero shit right around the corner!

Toby Dycus (C) 2015

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