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In response to criticism about the villain of Basic Instinct being a lesbian, Michael Douglass had this to say:

“Someone has to be the bad guy and it can’t always be the Italians.”

Vying for the top spot of most overused bad guy in film, literature or comics is no doubt the Nazis. It is well documented that the Nazis carried out thousands of medical experiments seeking to build the master race. This angle has been worked by many artists and writers over the years, most notably in Captain America. So it is hardly stealing on my part to have the Nazis be a part of my hero’s origin.

When it comes to freaky experiments on people, the Nazis are in probably in the “Bad Guy Hall of Fame” for most twisted acts against humanity. No one does twisted with clinical precision quite like them…

As I said previously, my story is a send up of all things comic book. So why not send this up the “Nazi” thing as well?


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