Page 2 of “The Living Tentacle!”

Page 2! The idea for this page actually started about 5 or 6 years ago in my drama class. The assignment was to reenact an event from your life. One of my students reenacted a slumber party where her friends were playing “Slender Man,” a since discarded bit of online fun.

I shall now spend the next few months figuring out how I can get Nightstik to punch this thing in the face.

Essentially, this is what all superhero comics try to figure out. Everyone from Batman to Spider-Man spend 24 pages or several issues trying to figure out how to punch their enemy in the face. Once they figure that out, game over.

Update: The longer I’ve been writing comics, the more I spot my shortcomings as a writer. I never identified the characters for my reader, so this might be heavy handed to have the characters name each other, but now I feel the reader at least knows who the characters are.

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