Page 39! Epilogue of Sorts

It’s been awhile since I updated. I’m working on trying to get my comicbook into print, so some of these updates are out of order as I fill in gaps in my story for print. This page exists because I had a good drawing of a dumpster that I didn’t want to waste. Enjoy!

Nightstik! A lost page! 21!

So, a bit of advice I received at this year’s ECCC was to “make a thing.” So I decided to gather all of my pages into a simple publisher file to see what that would look like. Low and behold, I discovered that I got off on my pagination because of an added two page […]

Page 37: Wally Wood!

Page 37 is an exercise in utilizing “Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work.” The challenge here is to use different angles and shots to make a conversation more interesting and easy to follow. Eagle eyed comics fans should spot the swipes pretty easily. I think Wally would be proud!

Page 34!

This page has grown quite a lot from when I released it back in 2015. I spent many hours referencing things like mops, mop buckets, and lockers. I even “referenced” authentic high school dialogue. Enjoy!

Page 31

This is a particularly personal page for me. It was the first one that I did digitally when I bought Clip Studio (then Manga Studio). This is the “why.” Nightstik is a send up of a certain type of hero, but he lacked a motivation. He is an orphan like so many other heroes, but […]