Pg. 15: Timmy Unchained!

The hero revealed!

Pg. 15 represents many attempts to get it right. For the full story behind this page, check out or @Castlecomics11 over on Twitter.

One of the cool things about working digitally is that I no longer have to live with pages that didn’t quite measure up in my mind of how I imagined it.

This page is the classic “reveal” where we see the hero become aware of his new found power. Nightstik is very much a homage to DC’s Shazam, a character that transforms from a boy to a super powered adult. Who didn’t have this fantasy growing up? However, in the case of Nightstik, our boy can’t just transform at will. His change is semi-permanent.

So how will someone with the mind of an ill-tempered, prepubescent boy in a super powerful adult body react to the world? I guess this is why you need to keep reading!


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