Nightstik will return!!!

Hello to the two people still reading this thing! I have been incredibly busy! I’ve decided to go back and re-do issue #1. Why re-do issue 1? Issue 1 was done very much by the seat of my pants over a 25-30 year run. The narrative is somewhat jumbled and there are inconsistencies with issues […]

Mea Culpa!

Well, call me Image Comics. Due to temporal as well as technical difficulties, we are delayed for another two weeks. I hope to catch up by cranking out some pages to avoid this type of shut down. I know how frustrating this can be. Stay with me faithful dozens! Toby Dycus

The dreaded page 3.

This page has given me nothing but trouble. It was hard to put together, made my poor computer puke, and crashed my site. Here is hoping this re-formatted page doesn’t make the whole thing crash again. Thanks to the dozens that follow me!