Page 24! The End!

We have reached the end of issue 3. Thanks as always to Josh Nelson for writing an awesome script and to Stephen Prescott for lending a hand on the art chores and offering much needed advice. I’d also like to thank Heather Harvey for her dedication to this project. Nightstik will be going on a […]

Page 20!!!

Here we are for page 20! This page came together fairly quick. Sometimes I get an idea for precisely what I want to do and out it comes. This was one such page. I think it is fairly clean, and it is easy to follow the action. Only four more pages and issue 3 is […]

Page 18-19: The Two-Page Spread!

It will be interesting to see what this looks like on the site. This was an incredibly tough set of pages to do, even with the pre-loaded figures that come with Manga Studio. You still have to manipulate them, and you still have to ink the damn things. The figures make getting the poses and […]

Page 17!

Here we have a bit of “cheesecake” if you will. My guess is that the sexy, female, cat themed super villain originated with Catwoman, so I figured my hero needed one. I’m pretty happy with how this page turned out. Enjoy!

Page 16…Late…

Sorry for the lack of notice on this late page. I’ve been busy with my other life as a director. Happy mother’s day to all! This is some pretty typical hero going into the bad guy’s layer and walking right into an ambush of course. How many times have we seen the well meaning hero, […]

Page 15, late of course

So here is page 15 with the usual excuses for the 12 people still reading this comic. What I like about it is how unheroic Nightstik looks as he struggles to find the right file. I also dropped an Easter Egg into the file information. You have to squint, but it’s there. There are also […]