Updated Powers and Explanation!

This was the first fully scripted and finished Nightstik page I did, way back in the early 2000’s. I have since updated it quite a lot and made Nightstik a little less powerful to make it more interesting. This page has a few cheats in it (referenced background and car reference.) By cheats, it means […]

Page 24!

Well, Issue 5 but really 7 is in the can! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it! See you next year with Zero Chance! By Stephen Prescott and…me!

Page 21

Page 21! Water is deceptively hard to draw. Hopefully, this reads well! Enjoy.

Page 20!

Hello all, I hope this post finds whoever is reading this healthy and well. A big thank you to Stephen Prescott for pushing me to make this page really stand out. I’m fairly proud of how it came together. Enjoy!

Page 18

I am happy with how this page turned out. It’s looking pretty good.There are some fun little Easter Eggs in here to my students if they happen to catch them.

Page 17

Happy Birthday to me! And my present to myself is a published page on my website! Enjoy!